AnalitikPro Consulting is a consulting company that aims to bring our country to the top in the world information technology sector by having many successful references both domestically and internationally, and having expert and experienced consultants in its structure, regardless of which sector it is in. Knowing that Reporting, budgeting, and planning applications are vital for an institution, we provide analytical consulting services that increase our customers' productivity and profitability while reducing their costs, taking their international competitive power to the highest level.


Our Mission

To provide leading and high-quality technology services that increasingly affect the profitability and productivity of businesses by enabling them to adapt to the constantly changing world of technology at the speed of technology.


Our Vision

While aiming to be a global force that leads with innovative, technological solutions and services in its sector, and carries its stakeholders to the world, it also aims to take on an effective leadership role worldwide by focusing on social responsibility principles.


Our Values

The world is digitalizing, and we are becoming a roadmap for our customers in their digital processes. However, while doing this, we never give up on our culture of mutual respect and trust, especially our customer focus, quality, continuous improvement, and teamwork, which are traditional.